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Powerful, Custom, Fully-Integrated, Feature-Rich Community Web Sites
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Online Communities empower your users through active participation.
Your site users include your Members, Customers, Prospects, Affiliates, Vendors, Advertisers, and even casual visitors to your site. All of these people make up your web site community, and they all have their own special needs and interests they want you to meet.
Your users become active participants and contributors to your site through a variety of interactive features such as Discussion/Message Boards, Live Chat, Blogs, Wiki's, File Sharing, Image/Photo Galleries, and more.
Increased value of membership

Your members are able to interact with other members and with your staff through online services such as live chat, message boards, blogs, file sharing, and more. Connected, active members gain more from membership, realizing and increased value in their membership.

A Fully Integrated Solution

Communities OnTheWeb sites offer a completely integrated solution providing a continuity of service throughout your site. Users don't have to log on to a third-party discussion board, or access another site to enjoy live chat. Everything they want is all in one place and it all works together.

A Powerful, Feature-Rich Solution

Communities OnTheWeb sites are built on a robust web site framework that offers a wide variety of powerful features. Integrated user management, information security, and an ever-growing number of specialized page types mean you gain the benefit of significant design and development efforts right from the start.

A Custom Solution

While being able to take advantage of the Communities OnTheWeb site framework, you get a completely custom solution designed for your needs. You do not simply end up with a cookie-cutter site that looks like countless others. You can choose which features you want to make available, you can choose to implement completely custom features, and you can even integrate with your existing information systems.

Feature Highlights
Personalized Portal Interface
A portal interface provides intuitive access to all of your site features and services. Your members can customize their portal to provide the information and services they are most interested in.
Email Enabled Threaded Discussions
Users can participate in organized online discussions through a fun interface, or they can even post and read discussions directly through their own email.
Live Chat with Ajax
Participate in live Chat sessions with your friends and colleagues. And best of all, there's absolutely NO need for Java or any other browser plug-ins.
Keep your community members engaged through newsletters that can be read online and delivered via email.
Online Content Editing
Allow authorized content providers to edit content directly online, while authorized publishers can review, edit, and publish.
Weblogs are not just online diaries. You can use Blogs to publish informative articles to your members and to keep them updates on what's going on within your organization. It's a great way to keep the lines of communication active.
Integrated Search
Don't rely on external search engines to crawl your site. An integrated search engine provides relevant hits based on real content that isn't muddied with irrelevant information such a menus and page footers. Users find what they're actually looking for.
Coming Soon...
File Sharing, Wiki's, Live Help, and more!

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