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Communities OnTheWeb Pricing Plans exist for all budgets from small/startup communities with limited needs all the way to large, well-established organizations with broad ranges of needs. You pay only for what you need.

Please fill out the following questionnaire to obtain a custom quote for your organization. We will generate a preliminary, custom quote for you right here, right now.

Quote Request
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Coming Soon...
Why do we ask for numbers of members and users?
By understanding approximately how many members and public users you serve, we can get a feeling for the amount of activity that is expected on your site in order to estimate the resources needed to serve your organization.
What if you don't have good estimates for numbers of users?
Don't worry. Do your best. We don't charge for the number of members or public users your site will serve. Only in cases of extreme load will we be required to charge any additional fees.
Why do we ask for financial information?
We ask for financial information about your organization to determine if your organization qualifies for discounts. Communities OnTheWeb strives to offer affordable solutions to all organizations.
How do we serve groups within our organization?
Communities OnTheWeb sites support multiple areas on your site that we call forums. Forums can be setup with special access rules and features to meet the needs of your individual groups. Forums can include their own newsletter, blog, discussion boards, chat rooms, portal, and anything else you need to support each group.
What kind of Design Templates do you have?
There are a vast number of low-cost page design templates available online that we will work with, such as what can be found at We can integrate those templates into our system.
What kind of Content Management Services do you offer?
Communities OnTheWeb sites have many features that take advantage of user content contributions such as Blogs, Discussion Boards, etc. Still, you may have the need to publish your own content on a regular basis. If you would like assistance in formatting and publishing your content, including having help with publishing blog articles and newsletters, we will be happy to help you.
What kind of Custom Development Services do you offer?
We can meet just about any need you may come up with. We literally have decades of experience and expertise in developing custom solutions and integrating with other services. If you have existing information system you want you site integrated with, or if you have completely custom/unique needs you would like met, we can tackle that job for you.
What is the Organization Membership Management SubSystem?
The Organization Membership Management System is major SubSystem within Communities OnTheWeb designed for use by organizations whose members are businesses or other organizations. Examples include business associations and Chambers of Commerce. The Membership Management System allows potential members to apply for membership online, and for staff to review and approve applications. Membership Terms, Membership Types, Organization Types, and complex systems for calculating Membership Fees are available as configuration settings. A complete Membership Management interface allows you to perform all necessary administrative functions for members. An integrated Member Directory lets visitors to you site browse/search your members.
When will the Customer Support or Shopping Cart SubSystems be available?
Both of these systems are early in their design stage. It will still be at a few months.
Is this online quote binding?
We create an estimate for you through our quote system. Clearly, there are some things that would prevent us from giving you a comprehensive quote, such as your need to custom development services. However, if you don't have much in the way of custom needs, our quote system should give you an accurate response. When you choose to setup your new Communities OnTheWeb site, we will make sure you have a binding agreement from us before we begin.
Can I get my quote emailed to me?
Yes. If you're logged on, your quote will be sent to you via email.
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