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Robust Features form the foundation of
Communities OnTheWeb sites
Solid Foundation
Robust Framework Communities OnTheWeb sites are built on a soild, powerful framework, resulting in sites that are robust, powerful, seamless, fast, stable, and easy to manage and use. They're also built to be flexible so as to meet any unique requirements you may have.
Information Security As sensitive information is transmitted between the site and the user, it is encrypted with strong 128-bit encryption, but it doesn't stop there. All sensitive information that is stored is again encrypted, providing an additional layer of protection. On top of that, our servers are protected by several layers of physical and network security.
Core Features
Integrated User Management
  • New Account Request with Email Confirmation
  • User Profile Management
  • Administrative User Management
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Protection of Personal Information
Interactive User Forums
  • A personalized portal interface giving users quick and easy access to the information they want
  • Announcements to keep members informed of community happenings
  • Discussion Boards
  • Live Chat
  • Newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Email notifications for discussion posts, special announcements, and publishing of newsletters
Reusable Page Types Common features have been implemented so as to be able to setup one or more pages in different areas of the site, serving different groups within your community.
  • Editable Pages, where you can control the content
  • Contact Forms
  • Blogs
  • FAQ's
  • File Sharing (Coming Soon)
  • Photo Galleries (Coming Soon)
  • Article Collections (Coming Soon)
  • Wiki's (Coming Soon)
Custom Development For any unique requirements you may have, we can implement your functionality into your site such that it is fully integrated with the other features available. There's virtually no limit to what we can setup for you.
Add-On Modules
Our Add-On modules are larger subsystems within the Communities OnTheWeb environment that offer significant, integrated functionality such as:
  • Organization Membership Management
  • Customer Service with Live Help (Coming Soon)
  • On-Site Advertising Sales & Management (Coming Soon)
  • Marketing Affiliate Program (Coming Soon)
  • eCommerce (Coming Soon)
  • Multi-Level Marketing/Sales (Coming Soon)
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