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People forming a partnership for collaboration
Extending your Association to the web allows your members to form relationships with one another and also to strengthen their relationship with you.
Over time, the level of contribution from your members will likely even surpass that of your in-house staff.
Cultivate that relationship with a Communities OnTheWeb ™ web site.

Associations, a special form of Communities, provide a forum for people and/or businesses to collaborate and work together toward a common interest. Associations are perhaps best thought of as more formal communities, usually with a formal statement of purpose, and registered as a legal entity or organization.

In the U.S. alone, there are close to 1.8 million associations, with probably 86 thousand of those being trade and professional associations. The vast majority are philanthropic or charitable organizations.

Associations are typically formed for a wide variety of reasons, yet they often have common benefits for their members:

  • Associations provide a forum for their members to come together to face and solve common issues or problems.
  • Members gain access to information and resources that would be difficult to obtain through only individual effort.
  • Members are often recognized, or even certified, to follow certain codes of conduct or to have achieved certain levels of proficiency.
  • Education and professional development opportunities are often made available to members.
  • Members gain a sense of community - of belonging, to an organization where they are able to have a positive impact with the help of others.
Online Associations

With typical "off-line" associations, it's very possible for members to feel detached and uninvolved, except during all too infrequent opportunities for members to get together. Your members want much more from your association than simply to be able to say they're a member.

By providing an online environment where your members can interact with one another - and interact with you, they are able to get much more from their membership.

Extending your association online with a Communities OnTheWeb™ site allows your members to constantly interact with one another. They can solicit and share ideas, work together, and participate in your association every day. Discussion Boards, Chat Rooms, Newsletters, and other online features keep them active.

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