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Forums, User Groups, Committees

Group of People

Forums are special areas of your web site that you setup to support a common purpose or sub-group within your community. Pages are grouped together to support the forum. Forums can be setup for a variety of purposes including:

  • Special Interest Groups
  • User Committees
  • Networking
  • Site Services (like Help Desk, etc.)
  • Custom Member Forums
The options and capabilities are virtually unlimitied.

Forum Security

Forums are not only pages that are grouped together on your site, they also share a common set of security protocols. They can be setup to:

  • Restrict Access to Authorized Users
  • Require Special Moderation of User Contributions
  • Protect Sensitive Information
  • Permit Site-Wide, Unrestricted Access
You can setup each individual forum to be as free and open, or as secure and locked-down as you need.

Forum Owners

Forum management can be distributed to appropriate users by granting them Forum Ownership. Forum Owners have complete control (excluding system administration settings) of their forum.

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