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Demonstration: Portal Interface
User Configurable Draggable Gadgets

Screen Snapshot: Portal Interface with draggable gadgets

A portal interface allows users to view and interact with several active gadgets at the same time. These gadgets can be a window into other areas of the site, or completely separate information systems.

Users can select from a catalog of gadgets available to their portal. By drag and drop, they can reposition them on the page, as well as selecting various page layouts.

Standard gadgets exist for viewing site activity such as new discussion posts, new blog posts, current chat activity, and more. Custom gadgets can be created for any of your organization's needs. Each gadget can be setup for restricted access allowing only authorized users to access them.

Ajax Enabled

Screen Snapshot: Portal Gadget updating via Ajax

When it's desirable for gadgets to continually be refreshed with current content, they refresh via Ajax. Ajax refreshes allow the content to be udpated without impacting the user doing other things on the page. When the gadget is able to be configured by the user, they can perform their custom configuration through an Ajax panel that doesn't disrupt other functions on the page.

Intranet Portal and Executive Dashboard

When installed in an Intranet environment, or being used as an organizational portal, the Portal can be configured with gadgets that act as windows into many separate applications.

Staff can use the Portal to quickly access information from many sources in order to perform functions relevant to their jobs.

Executives can use the Portal as a tool for monitoring the current status of the organization and to be alerted to situations requiring immediate attention.

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